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World of [G zero] is similar to that after the First World War Accident in shale oil, which became the leading role of the crude oil supply Concern of the military conflict in the Middle East, or crude oil prices soaring US WTI crude oil futures prices have remained steady in even barrel = 0 dollars late while volatility. And that OPEC and non-OPEC oil-producing countries such as Russia has decided to extend the coordinated production cuts, is that the factors such that the resumption was agreed trade talks in mid-summit rice. Coordinated production cuts is-month extension First let's take a look at the motion of OPEC. OPEC is month, open a regular meeting in Vienna of the headquarters, it was decided to months extension to the moon next year the production cuts being implemented from this year (0 years) month. The world economy is slowing down, in a situation where crude oil production in the United States increases, the opinion of each Member State from the need for crude oil prices propped up matches. But Saudi Arabia and Iran are at odds violently in terms of security, but in relation to crude oil supply is like a [bitter enemies in the same boat.

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